A Sunday Update

I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on what’s going on at the Alderman household. One of my goals is to keep you in the loop with how things are going.

Basically, we’re settling into a comfortable routine. Ellie still has to irrigate my kidney drains three times each day, but that process only takes about ten minutes with each irrigation. It does mean we stay up late for the night time irrigation, which in turns means we have a fairly slow start to our morning.

Three afternoons each week a hospice nurse comes to drain the fluid from around my lungs, a process we have been dealing with for the past couple of years. That draining basically takes up those afternoons.

Otherwise, I spend my time reading, napping, watching TV, or working on the computer. My primary symptoms are fatigue and shortness of breath, but when I’m sitting in my easy chair neither is particularly an issue. I’m grateful for the fact that I’m not in pain and that my appetite is strong once more.

One other important item occupies my time… spending time on the phone or on Face time with our new grandson. As many of you know, Daniel and Desi had a baby on February 1. They’re all doing well, and thanks to the marvel of technology we are able to share in every aspect of the baby’s day. He’s a bright spot in our lives!

Speaking of bright spots, I need to let you know how much your support and prayers mean to me. Let’s be clear…. There is nothing good about cancer. As I have often said through the years, we live in a broken world, and cancer is one of the thousands of manifestations of that brokenness. We’re struggling with the evil of cancer, but I am keenly aware of millions of people around the world struggling with the world’s brokenness in so many different ways. Many of you are dealing with the world’s hurt in your own particular ways.

God in his wisdom allows us to live in this broken world, but the Good News is that one day God will be victorious over that brokenness once and for all. We are in the season of Lent, and the empty tomb which stands at the end of this season is the assurance we have of the ultimate victory which is yet to come!

It is in the promise and hope of that victory that I live these days. I would be less than honest if I didn’t tell you that there are plenty of tears in our home now, but I also want you to know that there is laughter and joy as well.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve in three incredible churches, and most of all I have the blessing of an amazing family who surround me with their love.

To each of you… to each of them… and most of all to the Risen Lord… I give thanks




26 Responses to A Sunday Update

  1. Marjory Johnson says:

    Lane, my heart is lifted by reading your messages to us. In addition, the post comments from others are uplifting as well. Each day is truly a gift from God. Roy and I are grateful for these days, and we are grateful for you and your steadfast faithfulness to our gracious God as you praise Him in all things. The arrival of your grandson is wonderful news. Congratulations!

  2. Ron Cowan says:

    Lane, Congrats on your new Grandson, I know what joy he must bring you. It is hard for me to express to you in such few words what RPC and YOU in particular meant to me when reconnecting with my faith what seems like only a few years ago ! Your sermons always lifted me and many times seemed to speak to me personally, what a gift ! You and your entire family are in my prayers.

  3. Kathy Loranger Brown says:

    Hi there Lane and Ellie! Thankbyou so much for the updates..I really enjoy getting and reading them….My prayers and doggies prayers are with you always from the Puget Sound!
    Take good care and stay sunny in all ways! Kathy

  4. Dear Lane and family – I was so pleased to open your blog and learn of your new Grandchild. Even in the heartbreak of your illness, it is such happy news for a family and I am sure he will continue to bring you joy. In a way, your ministry goes on with these blogs and I thank you for them. I am uplifted by your courage and reminders of what our faith teaches us, even in times of sorrow. I am so pleased you are not in pain and relatively comfortable. I pray that continues. You are in our prayers daily.
    Nancy Halsema

  5. karenstott4877@gmail.com says:

    Lane I’m so glad to hear you are in no pain. You have entered a new phase of your ministry to us through your health updates. You model what it means to be Jesus’ disciple. Your attitude toward your illness, your honesty in sharing, finding joy in the midst of suffering, in sum your faith, living out what you have preached all these years. I pray you remain free of pain and nurtured by your family’s love and our Father’s love. 🙏

    Blessings, Karen Stott

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Ralph & Pam Griffin says:

    Always in our prayers.

  7. Kim Goff says:

    Congratulations on your grandchild! I’m so glad that you have that beautiful joy each day. I think of you often and pray for your comfort.

  8. Vaughan Early says:

    First Presbyterian Church Perry continues to up hold you and your family in prayer. We rejoice in the good news of your new arrival. A wonderful reminder of hope and renewal.

  9. Vicki Gossett says:

    Thank you for your message of HOPE today. I opened your blog to see your update and came away uplifted.
    I am praying daily.So glad you are not in pain. May the Lord bless you and your family.

  10. Carolyn Sonenberg says:

    Dear Lane,
    It means so much to all of us when you update us. We are always thinking of you, Ellie & the rest of your family…
    praying without ceasing. We are so happy about your precious new grandson, Paul Edward. What joy a baby brings! Truly a visible message of God’s great love for us.
    With our love,
    David & Carolyn

  11. Liz Vassey says:

    Your faith is an inspiration to us all. I’m very happy to hear your appetite is back, and very happy to hear about the wonderful addition to your family. Sending love to you and yours. As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Liz

  12. Victoria Blakeney says:

    Lane, Thank you for the update, concerning your health and new grandchild. I’m glad that you have regained your appetit.,for I am now going to make my famous German cheesecake for you and Ellie. Love and prayers . Peter and Vicki

  13. Jean Baird says:

    Lane and Ellie, You both have contributed so greatly to the congregation of RPC and to me personally by your faith and keeping on keeping on. Now you have your new grandson and through the wonders of computers etc. you’re even able to keep up with his progress and with Daniel and Desi. I know that must give you both a lift. I’m grateful that you are keeping the congregation up to date about your condition. I know you know that prayers are spread up and down and around everywhere. Thank you for continuing to care about RPC.

  14. Sharon Doyle says:

    Congratulations on the grand baby. God was good to provide you with one of life’s greatest joys.
    You have a special place in our prayers as the Pastor who inspired us to make the quantum leap into the Presbyterian faith. No doubt you have had similar lasting influence on more lives than you can ever imagine. Your time among us has made a difference in ways that will never die.
    Morgan and Sharon Doyle

  15. alice graham says:

    I eagerly open each message, and your words encourage me as I deal with my Multiple Myeloma. Of course, you have encouraged and taught and led me since your first day at RPC. Chuck and I treasure our memories of times and wonderful laughs with you and Ellie. You remain near in my prayers everyday. Alice Graham

    On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 2:00 PM, Lanes Health Update wrote:

    > Lane Alderman posted: “I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on > what’s going on at the Alderman household. One of my goals is to keep you > in the loop with how things are going. Basically, we’re settling into a > comfortable routine. Ellie still has to irrigate my kidney d” >

  16. Gayle Horton says:

    Last Sunday during worship at RPC, our grandson Parker was with us and he is now six years old. He has not been in worship with us since he interrupted your sermon to bring you his coins! He asked me “Where is the other minister who needed more money for God?” I told him that you were sick and that you could not preach right now, and he said, “Does he need more money?” I promised him that I would ask you! Even the little children were listening when you preached! Congratulations on being a new grandfather. You are in my thoughts and prayers dear man.

  17. Walt Woliver says:

    You are a continued inspiration to all those that come in contact with you.
    You will always be remembered and
    Will remain in my prayers!
    Walt Woliver

  18. petie and rick bush says:

    Hi Lane,
    I thought about you and missed you in church today! So happy to open my mail and see your post…your words always highlight love, peace, joy, and grace and are a comfort to all! Enjoy your grandson…I know he is pure love and joy!
    Thoughts and prayers coming your way!

  19. Linda owen says:

    Lane congrats on the next generation…so fun. Can you privately post me about our neighbor next door to me and across the he street from you? Very bad news for the pope family.

  20. Larry and Marny Dorman says:

    Your faith is a real testament us.

  21. Sally Rhoden says:

    So happy to have news of how you are doing. I hope you know that on a daily basis there is much conversation about how things are going at the Alderman household. I am so happy you get to see the baby so often and so hope he will be visiting you in person soon! Grandchildren are just the best! Sending love and the very best to you this day. Sally R.

  22. Sue Mitchell-Wallace says:

    Dear Lane, So pleased that you are connecting with that precious new grandchild. Hope that you will be able to add to that connection by making a recording of your beautiful speaking voice and also, writing about your life to that precious progeny. “Hearing” from you in lasting ways would be a most wonderful legacy. Letting that new life know about your life……will help shape this special legacy for the entire family. Hope you don’t mind my sharing these thoughts. Our little grandson asks so many questions about the past, that these ideas popped into mind when hearing your happiness in connecting with your new grandchild.
    You and your family are continually surrounded with prayers and special thoughts.
    Sue Mitchell-Wallace

  23. Carol Voglesonger says:

    God bless you, Lane, and may he watch over your new grandchild – Congratulations! Thank you for your updates and always know how much you mean to me! You are so loved by many 🙂

  24. Barbara Denkman says:

    Lane, beautifully written. Thank you for your spirit and words and love for all of us. We love you and Ellie immeasurably in return. Even in the midst of your illness, you keep us focused on what is important in our lives and in our faith.
    Barbara and Fred

  25. Lori Howell says:

    Praying for you and Ellie each day! I am so glad that you are at home and getting the care that you need. Congrats on being a grandfather!! I know you are so proud and must love seeing that sweet face on face-time!
    Thank you for sharing your words with us and keeping us updated. I am grateful for posts! We are shedding tears too but are also holding tight to the Lord and His many blessings!

  26. Beth Roberson says:

    Lane you have the amazing gift of lifting my up and giving me hope when I feel it should be the other way. I pray for you and the group of women in Prayers and Squares pray for you as we gather every Monday to make quilts.

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