I’ve been a little out of touch recently, but I received some pictures in my email which reminded me of the incredible ministry which is continuing at RPC this week.

Every year about this time I take a few weeks and bury myself in my basement office to work on sermons and other long range plans for the upcoming year.  I try to make it a productive time by staying away from regular meetings, Bible studies, appointments, etc.

What’s exciting for me is to know that the ministry of the church doesn’t miss a beat!  This week, for instance, along with our regular Bible studies, prayer and support groups, and other ongoing activities, a new summer women’s Bible study was launched.  About fifty women gathered yesterday for a time of study and fellowship.

Also, the Preschool Summer Camp is going on this week at church.  Stop by the building and you’ll see young children playing in the yard, captivated by arts and craft projects, and generally having a fun time at church.  It’s a great annual event.

Perhaps most exciting, however, is the second installment of “theWELL.”  For the second year in a row, our high school students have come together for a week long mission trip right here in Roswell (hence the name, theWELL!).  They spend the night on the floor of the youth rooms, eat their meals in our Fellowship Hall, and venture out into the community to join with our mission partners in meaningful service.

At night, exhausted and yet energized, they come back to the church for a time of worship, celebration, and fun.  It’s an amazing week! You can tell from the pictures… it’s a great group having an incredible time!

Someone asked me the other day if things slow down at church during the summer.  In many ways, the opposite is true.  The summer is a time of amazing growth for our children and middle and high school students.  Thank you to all the leaders who make this ministry happen, and thank you to all of you for your prayers and support of our students!

Dr. Lane Alderman
Roswell Presbyterian Church

One Response to Summertime…

  1. Vicki G says:

    Everything you said is so true! I was one of the ladies in the summer Bible Study. Lindsey and Emily were awesome. How wonderful to be a part of this church.

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